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please select from the following

iPhone/Mobile Phone Keyword/Splash Pages

Content includes site title, header image,
content image, body text and footer text.

Header image specs: 305w, 100h max;
220w, 50h max; 156w, 50h max; 102w, 50h max

Content image specs: 305w, 305h max, 10k or less

Serial No. 021

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iPhone/Mobile Phone Ads

300px x 50px <5k, no flash

216px x 36px <3k, no flash

168px x 28px <2k, no flash

120px x 20px <1k, no flash

It is highly recommended that these ads be used for branding only (company logo & tagline)

Serial No. 022

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Full Banner

468px x 60px

20k (40k flash w/ up to four 100k support files)
15 sec. max. animation
no looping without mouseover (flash)

Serial No. 023

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Video/Animation Walkout Ads

Ad runs along bottom of browser window.
15 sec. max. animation
Contact your AE or Interactive Advertising for more info.

Serial No. 024

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Splash Page (if built & hosted by NewsOK)

no wider than 1024px

225k combined file size, excluding video
should be tested to view properly in IE 6

Splash pages are a time-intensive project.
Please allow 3-5 days for design and
programming, depending on content.

Serial No. 025

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Market Profile

#1 By Any Measure is Oklahoma’s leading local website with over 1.8 million monthly unique visitors and 15 million page impressions. NewsOK has the most innovative and in-depth news, sports, and entertainment coverage in the state.

NewsOK was even nominated for a Webby Award, earning bragging rights as one of the top 12 newspaper websites in the world.

Get the most out of your advertising budget on the state’s most highly-visible site.

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Deliver your message to the right audience at the right time. – NewsOK is the #1 media source in the workplace. Reach highly-educated consumers with above-average incomes.

Video – NewsOK places more video online than any local TV site. NewsOK’s video coverage earned the site a finalist spot for the AP’s Innovator of the Year award. – Oklahoma’s comprehensive events calendar and entertainment site is now also the state’s largest business directory.

Search Engine Marketing – Deliver your message to customers who are specifically searching for the products and services you offer. Reach customers on the four largest search engines.

Yahoo! – Industry-leading technology lets you reach specific audiences, such as female shoe shoppers, on NewsOK and Yahoo!

Mobile – Exclusive iPhone apps and smartphone sites reach active, upper-income Oklahomans.

Text Alerts – Tie your brand to text messages about sports, weather, news, or traffic.

Mobile Club – Increase loyalty by offering your customers the option to receive special offers from you via text.

Email blasts - Increase sales by sending your offer directly to potential customers.

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